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Works in competition Where is the future

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Here you can view all the competing works which will be exhibited from 10 to 19 November 2023
it is also possible to assign a preference after logging in to the site so that the votes are not repeated, if you are not registered you can do it quickly when voting.

The score will only be visible to registered users who have voted.

We have decided in this survey box to write only the title of the work so as not to influence the choice.

However, by scrolling down the page you can find an interactive gallery where you can see the photos of the works in full.

Furthermore, by scrolling further down you can find clickable links for images of the works on sale with the relevant descriptions and specifications including the name of the artist, it is also possible to purchase them immediately but they will not be shipped before the end of the exhibition set for 19 November 2023 .

This survey will be added in percentage terms to the unquestionable vote of the quality jury.

If you vote incorrectly, you can repeat your vote because the system takes into account the last chosen work, so you can click on another work and the last selected one will be the one that remains registered if you don't change your mind again.

Vote for your favorite by clicking on the image after registering if you are not already registered

  • Accrescere... politicamente scorretto

  • Mondo quantistico - teletrasporto

  • Paradiso di fiori

  • L'innocenza

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